As a medical clinic, Leigh Martin Acupuncture remains open during lockdown to provide a vital service to clients. The clinic is open at reduced hours. Facial Acupuncture is currently unavailable. Full Covid guidlines are being followed.


Are you interested in improving your energy, feeling more relaxed, having a good night’s sleep and promoting your general health? Or perhaps you have a more specific health related issue? Then why not try acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment has benefited thousands of people over many thousands of years and can be used for many reasons from physical to emotional.

After as little as one treatment, people frequently report feeling calmer, clearer and a reduction in pain, this in part is due to the endorphin release that is encouraged in the body during a treatment as well as the opportunity to relax and be heard during the treatment itself.
You may also be interested to experience the benefits of naturally revitalising and smoothing your complexion with facial acupuncture, as our faces are the point from where we view the world and often places where we gather and hold onto tension.

Leigh is a fully qualified and licensed acupuncturist, a registered and insured member of the British Acupuncture Association (BAA) and holds a BSc (Hons) in acupuncture. She has completed post graduate training in Ear and Facial acupuncture. She has also trained in Cupping Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Tuina massage. Leigh is committed to continually developing her practice with further training and advancements in the field of Chinese medicine.



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I went to see Leigh with sleeping problems. My head was full of work stuff going round and round and as much as I tried to relax, it would just keep going round and round in my head. 
Leigh made me feel very relaxed in her company and this was my first visit to an Acupuncturist, I felt re-assured.
After a thorough Q&A of my health history a number of needles were painlessly inserted in various regions on my body... I especially liked the one in my lower stomach somewhere that was lit... this gave a very pleasant, warming sensation throughout my whole stomach...Amazing.
I also started yawning and felt very relaxed.
After the treatment, I went home and at night went to bed. 
As I fell asleep, I felt thoughts, literally entering my head and instantly flowing away.... I fell straight to sleep and slept for 9 hours straight which is unheard of. I totally recommend a session with Leigh. Thanks.

Toby, 2016.