Cupping & Massage


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy may be used as part of an acupuncture session or as a standalone treatment. It is frequently used in musculoskeletal conditions and for sports injuries. A simple view of Chinese philosophy states that where there is stagnation of Qi and Blood, there will be pain. The suction action provided from the cups helps to disperse stagnation, ease tension and reduce pain. By increasing blood flow to the area the body’s natural healing response is stimulated. Cupping may also be beneficial to other conditions such as asthma, the onset of a cold and fatigue to name a few.


The cups can either be left in place or moved around (sliding cupping). Flash cupping may also be used as a more general stimulation method and can feel quite energising. In this instance the cups are moved in close succession around the areas of the spine, neck and shoulders and the affects felt are quite like having received a massage.


Whilst cupping is not a painful experience, a pulling sensation from the suction cups may be felt. In some cases bruise like markings will arise in the places where the cups have been. These markings are a natural response from the body and will fade within a few days.

Cupping is not suitable for everyone and is dependent on a person’s medical history and Chinese medical diagnosis.


Leigh has completed post graduate training in Cupping and is fully insured to do so.


Please get in touch, if you think cupping may be of benefit to you.


For the British Acupuncture Council description of Cupping, please follow this link:



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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses long sweeping strokes that stimulate the circulation, soothe muscles and encourage relaxation. Other techniques such as kneading around the shoulders or pounding for example around the gluteus area may be used.

A small amount of massage is often used during cupping therapy and may also be included as part of an acupuncture treatment.

Full body massages are also available.

Leigh is a qualified practitioner and holds a VTCT Certificate in Swedish Massage