Testimonials for Leigh Martin Acupuncture


Hi Leigh.

Just a positive feed back message.

I woke this morning free of gunk and feeling wonderful.

So thank you for your treatment yesterday.

The chest work you did seems to have done wonders.

Best wishes.

James- Jan 2019


Leigh is fabulous. She listens, she cares and her treatments have totally energised me. I can't recommend her highly enough. An amazing lady x

Angeli - 2018

I have been seeing Leigh for a few months on a weekly basis, at the Anahata Clinic. I booked with Leigh as I wanted to see a female Therapist. Leigh made me feel very at ease at our first session and I have enjoyed many sessions.

Leigh is very calm and professional and I always look forward to my Acupuncture sessions with her.

After a few health concerns earlier on in the year I decided to give Acupuncture a try. I am truly amazed at the results. I had suffered with fluid retention to my ankles for many years and this would be very noticeable when on holidays; suffering from the flight and hot weather. Acupuncture has sorted this out! Amazing, Swelling No More. My other health concerns are equally improved and I am not on any medication as suggested by my GP, after a health scare which raised my blood pressure and blood sugars. Acupuncture definitely contributes to keeping me very well and I can highly recommend it. I would not hesitate to recommend Leigh as her style of practice is caring, calm and kind.   

Jilly, October 2018



07962 859 455


I have now had 5 weekly sessions with Leigh and I am intending to have several more perhaps on a more spaced out basis in the future just to keep me topped up : )
I am very happy with all aspects of Leigh's approach to my issues. Leigh is professional, sensitive, attentive and informative. She is a good listener and has moulded each of my treatments to suit my emotional, physical and mental states at our meetings.
I was recommended 'Anahata clinic' where Leigh is based by an acquaintance. I knew I wanted auricular acupuncture particularly (for an addiction problem) and Leigh's name was suggested to me as she has done an extensive course in this form of acupuncture. I would recommend Leigh to anyone thinking of trying acupuncture. A very happy customer!

Tanya - 2018

Facial Acupuncture Treatment

Leigh has a very calm & supportive manner, before the treatment she carefully explained the process I was about to go though. The acupuncture pins are very fine so there is a very small amount of discomfort while they are being placed in the skin. Once the pins were placed I was left to rest so the treatment can work, I almost forgot they were there.

After the Treatment:
Immediately after the treatment, my face felt tighter & I could see a subtle softening of my features. The next day my skin felt incredibly soft & slightly tender. On the 3rd day the tone & quality of my skin appeared very even, the discomfort had disappeared & I could see some of the fine lines had reduced. I really enjoyed both my Treatment with Leigh & the results and I am looking forward to my next treatment.

Vic, 2017

I had a lovely treatment from this wonderful person. The first and not the last.
When I arranged the treatment with Leigh the universe had delivered me a barrage of knocks, loss and shock. I was a desert of scattered sand, unable to process, act or control my emotions, never mind my soul.
Leigh had the most amazing intuition and acted with competence and skill.    She chose a treatment that was perfect for the situation and bought me back. She centred and grounded me.

This was in one session. When we parted that day I was standing tall and felt grounded - I couldn't believe it! I was ready to deal with everything I had to face. I highly recommend her treatments and value her calm, balanced and grounded nature.
Cristianne Bowman  - Health Practitioner/Carer 2016

I just want to say a massive ‘thank you’ and deep gratitude to Leigh for a wonderful acupuncture session today. I highly recommend Leigh, she is a very calm and patient practitioner who knows exactly what she is doing with those needles, she totally found the right spots. After the session my body is in much less pain and I am so much more relaxed in myself. Thanks again... I will be back.

Debbie, 2016

I recently had a wonderful restorative treatment from Leigh and was pleased with how much calmer and relaxed I felt as a result.

Nicola, 2016

I had my first session today with Leigh. She was very professional and thorough and at the same time very calm. I felt very at ease, almost instantly I felt more balanced and relaxed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking about having acupuncture.

Maz, 2016