Reviving facial acupuncture

Who needs Botox!

Chinese philosophical thought observes that the route of the soul (Shen), manifests in the face, a place where our inner selves and emotions are expressed and meet the outside world. 

During the course of our lives our faces change, we are exposed to the elements both inside and out and the process of aging takes its toll, lines and small imperfections appear.

Facial acupuncture naturally enlivens and balances the face, stimulating blood flow and oxygen to the surface, which in turn facilitates a natural healing response and promotes collagen production. Collagen is one of the main structural proteins in the body, its stimulation can help to reduce fine lines, ease tension and bring vitality to the skin. Scar tissue may also be softened and smoothed.

What to expect

As with all treatments, a full case history and body diagnosis will be taken, traditional body acupuncture points will be selected to promote health in general and route the treatment. Any particular concerns will be discussed and noted, then in a relaxed position very fine specialised needles will be applied to the face, paying close attention to areas of lines and tension. Once in place the needles are left 30-40 minutes and then carefully removed.

Results can be seen and felt after one treatment, for more noticeable changes a course of 3-4 sessions is recommended around fortnightly periods, after which following sessions can be spaced out over a longer time period.

Before booking/attending a treatment

For those who have never had acupuncture before, it is advisable to book an initial traditional body treatment to experience the benefits of acupuncture as a whole and see how it feels. It may also be recommended to have an initial balancing treatment first, if other health conditions are present.

Please advise in advance if you have had any procedures such as: botox, facial fillers, recent surgery or if you are taking any blood thinning medication.

You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about this form of acupuncture treatment.



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The Treatment

Leigh has a very calm & supportive manner, before the treatment she carefully explained the process I was about to go though. The acupuncture pins are very fine so there is a very small amount of discomfort while they are being placed in the skin. Once the pins were placed I was left to rest so the treatment can work, I almost forgot they were there.

After the Treatment:
Immediately after the treatment, my face felt tighter & I could see a subtle softening of my features. The next day my skin felt incredibly soft & slightly tender. On the 3rd day the tone & quality of my skin appeared very even, the discomfort had disappeared & I could see some of the fine lines had reduced. I really enjoyed both my Treatment with Leigh & the results and I am looking forward to my next treatment.

Vic, 2017